1.4 x 8 mm PELIT® Implant

  • RFID PELIT encased in sealed bioglass capsule
  • With a migration resistant Parylene coating
  • 7 cm read distance depending on environment
  • All sizes with Read/Write Capability & with ISO 11784 format
  • Supplied in a sterile pouch
  • 5 year sterile shelf life
  • Pouch contains 6 barcode labels of the RFID #

Other PELITs available on special order:

  • 1.25 x 8mm micro-implant – 4 cm read
  • 3.85 x 23mm Commercial RFID implant – 20 cm read
  • All sizes with Read/Write Capability & ISO 11784 Format
  • All sizes in polymeric food-grade unbreakable capsule

The Only RFID Readers Manufactured in the USA

I.D.ology is a RFID and Data Collection company incorporating Livestock ID Tags with various systems to enhance management operations and records.