About Us

Back in 1993 I.D.ology accepted the challenge of providing effective, efficient RFID system for animal agriculture. When ICAR published its standard conformance protocol as ISO 11784-11785 for low frequency tags and readers worldwide I.D.ology unified its development of tags and readers at this 134.2 frequency so that all tags could be read by our readers and all readers could read our tags.

I.D.ology has worked with all herd management software applications to insure that the tags and implants being read are compatible with the available software.

I.D.ology and AniCare also provide tags and readers for the companion animal market as serviced by shelters and veterinarians.

More recently I.D.ology recognized application in animal agriculture for inexpensive UHF RFID tags which are similar to those used in retail commerce. We have undertaken several R&D projects to test these new high-speed, long-range tags in agriculture.

Our Products:

Domestic Animals

  • LightningRod Readers
  • 23mm PELIT Implants – Bio-glass HDX
  • Bio-Polymeric HDX
  • Eartags Buttons – HDX & FDX-B
  • TempTrack System – Bolus, Readers, Software
  • DQ-SCC-Milk Tester

Companion Animals

  • Pet tag readers- Wand RT250
  • Palm RT 100V8
  • Pet Track-PRT-Software
  • 12mm Pet implant PELIT- Bulk Bio-Glass FDX-B
  • Bio-Polymeric FDX-B implant PELIT™
  • Sterile Pak Bio-Glass FDX-B implant PELIT™

The Only RFID Readers Manufactured in the USA

I.D.ology is a RFID and Data Collection company incorporating Livestock ID Tags with various systems to enhance management operations and records.