Established  1993

Established 1993
Auto ID System
Dairy Cow, Goat & Sheep Milking

The Milk Watch® auto identification system for parlors is designed
to boost the reliability and economy of recording milk data. The
lively behavior of goats and sheep as well as certain young cows can make conventional systems, which identify animals at the point of entering the parlor, difficult to implement - since animals can go on to enter milking
stalls 'in the wrong sequence' or not even have a readable tag.
        Alternatively, in-stall systems that use separate fixed antennas mounted to each milking stall to identify animals can be expensive.  In answer, the Milk Watch ID System incorporates a special watch-like receiver/transmitter worn on an operators wrist to confirm the 'address' of the milking stall and detect the unique identification number of the animal - in Real Time while the cups are being attached.       
        Consequently, data on that animal's milk yield can be obtained accurately and reliably. With the Milk Watch, ID System,
many of the infrastructure costs of multiple antennae and hard wiring used in alternative systems, are eliminated resulting in an installation for a more modest cost.

Efficient Identification
is at the heart of any herd management program

Identification of both the stall and animal by the Watch ID system is
initiated automatically when the operator presses the button to start
the milking process for each stall.  This simultaneously activates the
computer to record the identity of the milk yield indicator for that
stall.  At the same time, the 'Milk Watch®' is primed for 15 seconds to record the animal's identity from a tag transponder fitted to or implanted in its rear leg as the 'Milk Watch' passes near it during machine attachment.
Both the stall address and tag number are transmitted to Crystal herd
management software for recording of individual milk output of each cow. The visual tag number of the cow is displayed on the stall display along with any alerts for that cow.

Milk-flow controlled pulsation
Cow-specific milking is more than a buzzword. Every cow is unique. The
Milk Watch achieves optimum milking conditions for each animal by tuning
the pulsation rate and ratio to the flow rate of the milk. The system selects
optimal rates and ratios at each milk letdown. In other words, the sensor is
linked to an intelligent pulsation controller, in this way achieving cow
individual milking.

Milk conductivity and mastitis control
Mastitis is one of the biggest causes of financial loss in dairy farming.
Measurement of milk conductivity, provides managers with an early warning of infection. Deviations in conductivity are reported immediately and the highest values can always be requested via the display. Linking these measurements to the Milk Watch management system provides a powerful tool to assist in the fight against mastitis. This makes it possible to take appropriate corrective action at an earlier stage, thus increasing the chance of a successful cure.

Milk yield and milking time
From the Milk Watch control panel, the dairy staff can closely monitor the
milking process. When used in conjunction with the Milk Watch
management system, the sensor checks that each animal's yield is in line
with expectation.
Milk yield and milking time are alternately shown on the display panel and
continuously provide the operator with valuable information on the milking
process. In addition, the milk flow rate can be indicated either permanently
or on request by means of the keyboard (maximum, average or actual).

Free Flow sensor
The free flow sensor is located in the long milk tube between the milking
unit and the milk line. It can be fitted in both low line and high line milking
systems. Its tube shape and free flow design mean that it does not impede
milk flow nor does it affect cleaning capabilities. The sensor is
manufactured in one solid piece and does not have any seals, or moving
parts. This means that there are no wearing parts.

Integrating our PELIT Implant for Superior Management
Milking machine removal
Milk Watches milking unit removal system is a further development of the
successful Flowmatic take off system. The milking machine removal
system provides an indication of time before unit take off, an adjustable
delay between vacuum shut off and unit removal, unit kick off detection,
and can be used to control a stripping arm.

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Integrating our PELIT Implant for Superior Management