The LightningROD
Smarter. Even more
standalone functionality with secure memory.

Tougher. Electronics
 are housed inside a watertight fiberglass-reinforced composite shell.

Even easier to use. Easy push-button operation,
color-coded indicator lights, an
audible buzz,
and now… A vibrating handle that verifies you've made a successful read.

Some I.D.ology features,of course, haven't changed:

lightning-quick wireless connections.
Automatic link-up when you step out of range and then return.

An extended reach and a
longer read distance.
Full compatibility with all ISO-compliant tags and major software applications.

On a dairy operation, you can: Cut Preg Check man-hours in half.
Miss fewer Heats - because every open day means money lost.
Record all vaccinations at cowside, with greater accuracy and less labor.

On a beef operation, you can: Automatically count and record each animal that's moved.  Record all vaccinations  right at the chute,
with greater accuracy and less labor.
Eliminate the costs and shipping delays associated with duplicate shots.
The rules are changing.
We're in a global marketplace, and today it's a
traceback world. But the best reason of all to implement an
RFID-based herd management system.

Because it pays.
Speed, accuracy, and reduced labor and vaccination
costs. To learn how our RFID solutions can make your
operation more profitable, give us a call.

1324 Clairemont. Ave., Eau Claire, WI, 54701

Smarter Connections
With the I.D.ology Lightning Rod, you get instant, one-
touch wireless connections. At the push of a button,
you can establish an instant wireless link to your PDA,

laptop, or desktop. After initial set-up, you'll never need
to fumble with commands or menus.
You'll know your connection is solid. An indicator light verifies that your link is intact; you'll never need to wonder how many cows back it was when you lost your connection.

Smart Enough to Move Out On Its Own

Some RFID interrogators are dumb readers. That's all
they do. The I.D.ology Lightning Rod is different. It has
memory, long battery life, and standalone functionality
that let you roam free.

Sure, you can wirelessly download each animal's information to a PDA, laptop,
or desktop, right while you're collecting it. But you can also wander free for as long
as you like, record the information for up to 500 animals,
and then instantly download the entire batch with a single push of a button.

Feel the Buzz
Sometimes you need to keep your eye on the bull.

You can't be looking down at an indicator light. And
when the cows get loud, or when you're standing next
to an auctioneer or an idling tractor… Sometimes that
"audible beep" isn't so audible after all. That's why our
new Lightning Rod has an exclusive, patented vibrating
handle. When you've made a successful read, you'll
feel the buzz.

Our Design Was Born in a Barn

Whether you're running a dairy farm in California, a sale
barn in Kentucky, or a feedlot an hour out of Amarillo…
You need a reader that works in your world. The I.D.ology Lightning Rod has:

Simple controls for error-free operation - even when you're wearing gloves.
Color-coded indicator lights that you can see in dim
light or bright sunlight.

An indicator light, an audible buzz, and a vibrating handle to verify
that you've made a successful read.

Standard and Display and LookUP Models

The I.D.ology Lightning Rod is available in different models:

Standard. Features vibrating handle, audible buzz, and
color-coded indicator lights. Stores up to 500 readings;
can also send them in real time to your PDA or computer.

Display. Also includes a two-line LCD readout so you
can know, right at cowside, exactly what the Lightning Rod knows.
After all, most humans can't read
RFID tags. Plus, it may be a while before you get to sit down at the computer.

Both models are available in 36", 24", and 18" lengths,
and both are lighter and have a longer read distance than the competition.
 Available with a built-in rechargeable battery.

Give us a call. We'll be glad to tell you more
about how the Lightning Rod's built-in brainpower
can help make your
operation more profitable.

Plays Well With Others

At I.D.ology, we can provide you with a complete
RFID solution. But we've still made sure our
Lightning Rod is fully compatible with all ISO-
compliant half-duplex and full-duplex tags. It's
also compatible with all major herd management

Compatibility: The I.D.ology Lightning Rod can read all
HDX and FDX tags complying with ISO 11784/
11785. All tags read are stored in its memory until
downloaded to any handheld, laptop, or desktop computer through a
Wireless Bluetooth® connection.

Lighter. Weighs less than 32 ounces - including a long-life NiMH battery.

Weight: Approx. 32 ounces.
Battery: Rechargeable NiMH battery pack (internal pack).
Charger: 12 V 2.0 amp power adapter.
Upload/Download Connections: Wireless Bluetooth®
1324 West Clairemont Ave | Eau Claire, WI | 54701

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Established  1993

Established 1993