Established  1993

Established 1993
The LightningROD

Hands Free LightningROD
Same dependable quality!
with added flexability!

The LightningROD has at least a 15% - 20% longer read distance.

The LightningROD reads and transmits tags faster at over 80/minute.

LCD Display on LightningROD is double the size at
¼" and easier to read.
 The PELIT® Leg Implant is a low cost micro-transceiver sealed in a glass capsule. This Implant has been designed with an anti-migratory cap to anchor it exactly where it is injected. These RFIDs are easily implanted using the custom built implant applicator.

The RFID Leg Implant is a passive electronic device. This means that the Implant carries no batteries and remains inactive until activated by a low-power radio frequency signal from the scanner. The scanner picks up an animal's unique signal and relays it to the computer to initiate some immeditate action or to provide real-time information on that animal.

 Permanent unalterable identification through an implanted chip with a unique ID number for each cow

 The CrossFire™ Alley Reader reads all HDX and FDX tags that are ISO 11784/11785 compliant. It reads in any orientation on an animal's ear as fast as an animal can move through its panels.

With any reader-tag combination, there are many orientations where there is no communication between the tag and reader. Because ear-tags continuously change orientation with the movement of a livestock's head, many times the tag will be in the wrong orientation when passing through a read field. To eliminate this situation the CrossFire™ electronically rotates its magnetic read field forcing a coupling to occur between reader and tag, therefore tag orientation is not an issue and virtually no tag goes unread.

To insure that moving animals are read, the dual-panel reader is sized to the application with panels as large as 4'x5'. This large read field can handle all sizes of livestock, from sheep to Holsteins they get identified.

The ICAR-approved  g-TAG, ISO 11784/11785-compatible ear tags come in a standard 30mm diameter; its fast, efficient Philips Hi-Tag chipset ensures accurate long-distance readings when used with the
LightningROD reader.
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