Established  1993

Established 1993
1324 West Clairemont Ave | Eau Claire, WI | 54701

The Ɛ-LIT is an electronic identity band fastened with Insta-Lok around the rear leg working much like an eartag except that for dairymen it provides 4 major unique benefits. 
        Ɛ-LIT is a removable identifier that may be reused
        Ɛ-LIT is easily read from the milk parlor, it is attached to the rear-leg
        Ɛ-LIT can be used together with MilkWatch® for accurate milk data
        Ɛ-LIT can hold a regular eartag which can later be moved to an ear

Typically, the
Ɛ-LIT is fastened snugly around the cows left rear leg with the Insta-Lok fastener keeping it in place until you wish to move the RFID tag to another animal.